Good day Andre,

I trust you are keeping well?

Please grant me the opportunity to acknowledge the excellent service I received from Shaun May.
I similarly work in a sales position and know the utmost importance of good customer service.

Shaun recently assisted me with an upgrade, with which I am very happy. There was no fuss, I send him my details and a copy of my ID, an hour later I showed up at your store and everything was in order. Took less than 15min of my time and all was done and I was out of there.

Yesterday (15/09/21) I phoned him again because there was a problem with my internet connection. Shaun informed me that he was not at work at the present time, but will send me a number to phone that deals with the MTN coverage.

Knowing that he was not at work, but still made use of his own time to assists me, and with such a great attitude and professionalism left me with a huge impression.
In future I will definitely recommend, to every person I meet that needs an upgrade or new phone, to go speak to Shaun.

Thank you again Shaun and keep up the good work.

Best Regards
P.A Breytenbach

Bertus Breytenbach
Welkom Square

Good day,

I would like to commend your store and employees for the excellent service that they have provided, Simone Hayward came in on her day off just to be sure we got exactly what we needed and she was very friendly and helpful.

Andre Wille gave me a good compromise and was very friendly and professional.
I am extremely satisfied with the service that I have received.

Kind regards.

Gail Robinson

Hi Charnelle,

I trust you are doing well.
I’d just like to thank you for the great service you have given me.
I am very excited about my new phone. Such value for money.

Kind regards,
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