Goeie dag Mrs Sauer

Eerstens wil ek net bie dankie sê aan Jason vir sy uitstekende diens wt

Hy gedoen het saterdag.baie vriendelike persoon en dit was net leker om in jul winkel te kon wees want die diens da is puik ek sal beslis mense na hom toe stuur.en moenie vir Malik vergeeti hy my netso baie leke gehelp. Well done guys en hou aan met die goeie werk.


Juanecia Cyster

Thank you very much for the excellent service. It was really a pleasure to do business with you.

MJ Willemse

Micheal Willemse
Cape Gate

Hi Taariq,

Your service was very good, thank you for being helpful and friendly, we appreciated the good customer service we received.

Kind regards,

Hannah Olivier
Cape Gate

Good Day Quanita

I herewith would like to express my highest compliment to the service received from your employee Nico Hartle, of your MTN Cape Gate Store.

I phoned yesterday morning, to enquire if they have stock of the Huawei P40 Lite (had to be the pink one), and the Samsung A52. He had the P40 in pink, and promised there and then, if I send my ID to him via email, he would do the necessary paperwork and keep the phone to one side for me. Unfortunately, he didn’t have stock of the A52. I phoned the Megastore in the same Mall, where the lady (didn’t get her name), very unhelpful, said she had stock, but said she cannot do the paperwork etc, the client needs to be in the store. A while later, I phoned Nico again, asking if there was any way he could have the A52 transferred over to his store from the Megastore, so I can do everything via him. He promised to do his best, but let me know a while later that he would only have the phone by today. Then late afternoon, he whatsapp’d me, giving me the good news that he had the A52 and paperwork for both phones was ready for me to come in, sign and leave the store within half an hour.

Now that is what I call an employee going the extra mile to get the client what she needs and wants!

Great employee, that keeps his client updated throughout the process, excellent service!

Belinda Pieters
Cape Gate

Thanks, Hakeem, for your friendly and expert…
You really are a credit to your industry.

Kind regards,

Paddocks - Milnerton

Hi Nico,

Thank you for your assistance.
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to you for assisting me with my wife’s upgrade.
Thank you for the prompt and efficient service and for making our lives a bit easier by transferring all of her information from the old phone to the new one


Rudolph Pentz
Cape Gate

Hello Nico

Thank you for helping me today.
You are very professional and fast. You helped me with no issues and treat me well.

I will send all my family to you.

Athenkosi Jack
Cape Gate

Dear Taariq,

Hope you are well.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Sukran to you for all your help and patience and most of all for all your efforts that you went through to get me upgraded.
The service that you provided to me was truly exceptional.
If anyone should ever ask me where they should go, for their upgrade with MTN I will most definitely recommend you.

Very grateful and appreciative customer.

Alechia Labuschagne