I am not a customer that gives compliments easily or waste my time sending emails about it either but I believe that the Lady today that served me, Ms Amber at Welkom square branch deserves a mention.

The young Lady was absolutely fantastic at helping a technophobic, her knowledge and assistance on the product I required was excellent. Her manner and attitude to seeing my purchase to the end was refreshing but most of all, I just want to let you know that I believe MTN has won me back as a customer and that Amber is a great asset to your business.

Thank you and best regards.

Gary West

I am writing to you because your staff, notably Tara came to my rescue on Saturday, albeit her family commitments on a weekend.

My cell phone froze on Friday last and given that I have been in an emergency crisis since 20 May, to have no communications would have been catastrophic for me on so many levels.

Currently at home I have had no running water for over 24 days due to burst piping and being a pensioner and without family, (in isolation for 81 days) amid Covid-19 and with a High Risk health profile too, I am incredibly grateful at the speed and the graciousness that Tara showed to me … really outstanding, efficient service and utmost kindness of the highest possible. I was – among other matters – then able to communicate with plumbers, tilers etc by Monday morning. Matters are moving along thankfully!

Also, amid the earlier weeks of C-19, knowing I am living on my own, and of course had to stay at home especially during the first 4 weeks of C-19 Levels 4&5, Tara offered to simply come to my home address and just talk to me, even at a distance. Remarkable. I was so very touched.

On Saturday a new early renewal contract was approved, Nikki and Eugene ‘piled in’ with help; on Sunday I had a new cell phone with Eugene assisting with documentation etc, and, on Monday it was fully set up, when Nick, Mushfiekah, Abdul and Basil spent considerable time in ensuring that I had all key services on my phone.

So, my deepest appreciation to your organisation, especially your management and staff in helping me.

With warmest regards

Anne Thomson

I wish to just thank Aziz for a service rendered which was above and beyond.

I am a medical rep and work with people delivering a service myself, which means I am very tuned into how you work with me, Aziz is amazing.

The service , the knowledge and efficiency he works with is not available out there anymore.

With a grateful heart me as a customer would like to say Thank you Aziz and mavericks for giving me such an amazing experience, as well as treating me with so much respect.

Glenn having people like Aziz working for you, is only going to be to the benefit of your business.

I am the I am the happy owner of a new Iphone 11.

Anade Jansen van Vuuren