Today, I want to take the opportunity in thanking Jessica Collins and branch manager, Anthea, of MTN Strand.

During my upgrade on my existing contract there were a lot of problems that arose because of the Ayoba team that migrated old clients to the the new system.

Jessica, helped me to sort out this problem, always with a smile on her face and always keeping positive untill the problem was solved.

Just as the one problem was solved, the next one started, with debt orders that deducted the wrong amount for 2 months in a row.

Again, Jessica and Anthea used all their contacts to sort out this problem, and then my phone was blocked due to a system error on your systems.

Jessica and Anthea again phoned customer care, and sent emails to try and sort out this problem as you as client cannot make use of this opportunity, to speak to a service champion. Jessica had to hold on more than half an hour at a time, more than once, just to get someone to pick up the phone, which was very frustrating for me as client, and defnitely not service delivery on your side. Anthea also went the extra mile by sending emails to their Head Office, to see who could assist them.

Jessica and Anthea again made use of all their contacts, to sort out this problem, and never got fedup with a very difficult an impatient client at some times, as I as client could see how they were struggling to get the right answers at times, but stayed friendly with me without giving up.

During this whole time both of them kept me updated, until problem was resolved.

Thank you so much to both of them, it is just sad to say that the rest of your team and IT personell were failing these 2 ladies and myself as client more than once.

If it was not for them, I was on the point of cancelling my contract, because the 2 of them alone cannot help people alone, if the rest of your team does not assist them, to assist clients again.

Once again Anthea an Jessica, I want to say thank you. The 2 of you are a huge asset to MTN. This is why clients always come to your store, because you are always friendly and always willing to help any client, no matter how big the problem.

Yours sincerely

Jacinde Kamfer

Hi Quanita Nortje

What would they do without you?

Your excellent customer services and going beyond to assist your client’s, really I hope it doesn’t get unnoticed.

Keep well.



I, Adrian Rutter, wish to Bring to your Attention the Exemplary Service I Received from your Staff Member Mushfiekah.

I found Mushfiekah extremely Professional in the manner she addressed me and the Attentiveness that she Listened to the problem, showing concern and Understanding, her Lighthearted Seriousness is Deceptive. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

The Problem could not be Resolved there and then and took the better part of 14 days to resolve. (After trying your online Help service together with long hours spent on your customer care line, not to mention the long queues at your mall outlets). All this 2.5 months before calling on your Gardens Store, Cape Town.

Mushfiekah was Tenacious in her Quest to find a Solution to the problem, trying various avenues, giving feedback whether negative or positive.

At Last a Solution to the Problem, of which both She and I were well Pleased.

Mushfiekah is an Asset to your Company and Service provider. Guard and Appreciate Her.

Great People within any Company is Hard to Find and she was Great to Deal with.

Well Done!!!!


Adrian Rutter