I wish to bring attention to the service I received from your store last week in particular and note that your service team, specifically Mushfeeka is an incredibly patient and helpful member. I highly commend her for her service excellence.

I hope she will be acknowledged and held in high regard for her care.

Thanking you.

Kind regards


This morning researching new charger for mobile. My mobile rejected the charger connection early morning over a period of one hour. Visited several stores in the area to compare prices and info. Had existing charger with cable on hand purchased with mobile just over a year ago from an independent professional. Received feedback after testing charger and mobile in store. Felt a third feedback via MTN Constantia Village would be sufficient to compare feedback and recommendations received in order to make an informed decision.

Abradene’s manner, advise and feedback was authentic and most importantly the kindest, with the client’s needs most important. Her solution was to test the charger with her phone, in order to identify whether it was in fact the charger or the cable. Her personal phone charged with charger. Whereafter requested my phone and cable to attach to the charger, it kept charging for approximately minutes.

Abradene might not have made a sale for MTN Constantia Village store. More importantly her honesty and integrity with which she handled the situation was of the highest excellence. It has made a deep impression on me, kindness and empathy still exists among mobile sales people within a very competitive industry, and is a priority.

Abradene saved me from spending unneccesary money and wasting time. Trusting MTN will use the example of Abradene Willemse to train future employees. It is my belief if MTN does this, they would rapidly have a competitive advantage in the mobile marketplace.

Abradene is a rare gem, putting herself in her client’s shoes. Abradene’s colleagues are very fortunate to have such a valuable team member, humble, dedicated and kind. Thank you for employing such a great example employee, in order for the public to have the ideal mobile service experience.

Ann-Margret Duncum
Constantia Village

On the 30th November I had occasion to interact with Nadine van der Bank a staff member at the abovementioned branch.

The purpose was to sign a new data contract available at the time.

I have been a loyal supporter of MTN since 1991 and as such have had numerous opportunities of interacting with various branches and staff members.

The service rendered by Nadine was exceptional. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the product and her way of communicating in a manner which was patient and kind was beyond what I have experienced over the past years.

Nadine is most definitely an asset to your organisation.and needs to be recognised for her efforts.

Thank You Nadine.

Tessa van der Linden

Hi Thomas,

Thank you very much for your amazing customer service yesterday!! From start to finish I felt looked after.

Kind regards,

Bärbel Bläser-Ritzenthaler
Constantia Emporium

Dear Anthea,

I was in your store (Strand Square) to purchase a SIM card.

I have to congratulate you and your team on the excellent service. From the screening to the help to register, Rica and uploading of airtime and data was efficiently performed by Jessica and Nadine. It was only a pleasure doing business at your store.

Everything of the very best

Kind regards
Johan Laten

Johan Laten