March 2018

Good afternoon,

I just wished to inform you of the excellent service I received this morning from one of your employees, Maggie Fox, at the Constantia Village MTN branch.

I arrived at her desk pretty unimpressed with the online client service I had received up till that point from MTN – 3 emails sent requesting assistance with absolutely no comeback.

It is employees like Maggie that differentiate your brand from the competition, so I would like to think that she will receive some recognition for the friendly, effective service she provided to me – and to countless other clients as well, I am sure.

Ingrid van den Berg

Well done Pieter and thank you for your very kind assistance yesterday .It is always good to witness a guy going the extra mile .
I hope MTN realize you are a big asset .


Doug Band

Just been attended to by Maggie Fox at you Constantia branch.

Have to say that she provided the best service I have ever experienced at a cell phone provider.


Cyril Ginsburg

To whom it may concern

On Sunday I went to Constantia Village to upgrade my cell.

Xzonya and Maggie were there to help me.

I was really not excited to upgrade because it usually takes a few hours.

On Sunday these ladies were so fast.

Even more important was the way in which I was helped. Even though it was on a Sunday close to the end of their shift, they were very friendly and full of jokes. They did not make me feel like just another customer.

The advice I was given about cell phones was on my level and explained in detail.

In the future I’ll always drive to this store.

Happy customer

Annique van Dyk

Good day,

I would like to commend Xzonya and Pieter for the professional service given at the Constantia shop, while doing my upgrade.

This is the second time that I do an upgrade there and was delighted when I saw that Xzonya was still employed there as she knows exactly what is required.

While I was waiting my turn, I also observed the professional way both these employees interacted with other customers.

I will definitely be returning to that shop whenever necessary!

They are definitely an asset to MTN.

Bernise Jacobs