July 2018

Good day sir/madame,

 On Sat 28th July, I walked into your Strand shop with the problem of “disappearing phone space”. A young man behind the counter greeted friendly and asked if he could help. I told him my dilemma and that I already inquired at three stores during the week and that I was told nothing could be done – I will have to buy a new phone and that it would cost me R3000. I said to him that I think one of the Apps are eating the space. He immediately identified WhatsApp as the culprit and when he had a look, it was rightly so. He showed me what to do at home, because it would take some time to delete everything that he had spotted. Very calmly he said that I don’t have to buy a new phone – what a relief. What I want to mention is, that he treated me in a very professional, but caring/helpful way. I think he is a huge asset to the MTN group – his client service is of great excellence and with his friendly approach, drawing many clients into the shop. I believe that the next step in his career, will suit him well. It is assistants like him, who needs to be treasured. I just found out his name is Lorenzo. Many thanks to this bright young man. I wish him a very blessed career.

Kind regards, 

Hendra Koorts

To Whom It May Concern at Maverick Telecommunications:

Excellent service way above and beyond the call of duty

I would hereby like to commend to the highest degree the help my mother, Suzette Booyens, and myself received from Blessing Mudhe at the MTN Store in the Gardens Centre, Cape Town, yesterday.

My mother is 79 years old and has been an MTN customer (0836003675) for around 20 years. We had to upgrade her old Samsung to a new one and also get a contract with more airtime and less data. Blessing was amazingly patient with her, and helped to explain everything, as well as make sure that all her contacts, pictures and WhatsApp data, actually the whole phone as it were, got transferred to the new phone.

We cannot thank him enough for his help, and hope you will let him know that his performance is being noted!

Much appreciated,

Susan Booyens

Good Sir,

I need to tell you of the excellent service I received from Sheldon with regards to getting another cell contract. Normally it is such a mission transferring all my apps and information to the new phone, he gladly helped, made it look so easy. 

He is a huge asset to your company and I would certainly look at promoting him when it comes to customer satisfaction, I have yet to deal with a better sales person. I have been with MTN since 1996.

Kind regards,

Eugene Gower
Vincent Park