About Maverick


Maverick has a reputation for innovation, service excellence and rapid growth. We’re energetic and driven by a desire to continue improving in every possible way. We’re dedicated to doing good business – now, and well into the future – by caring for our communities, empowering our staff and being the best possible representative for MTN.

The first Maverick store was opened in July 2004 at The Paddocks in Milnerton under the ownership of Giancarlo Bruno. Together with his brother, Franco Bruno (formerly from Hizone Traders), even more stores were opened around the Western Cape. Maverick, which was rapidly growing, soon established a reputation for excellent service and was made an MTN Key Account in 2010.

We formally merged with Hizone Traders 102 cc in 2012 and went from being a closed corporation to a private company. The merger allowed us to be categorised as one of only four national accounts within the MTN reseller strategy.

In 2014, we branched out to the Northwest Province and acquired additional stores in the Eastern Cape in 2017.